2021 Intersectional Studies Remote Conference

    South Carolina State University        Friday, March 26  8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST

History and Resistance

Intersectionality is a framework with the goal of understanding how aspects of individual identity (which can include but are not limited to race, class, sexuality, disability, and religion) intersect to construct different degrees of power and powerlessness. The theme of this year's ISC is History and Resistance.  Current events, including the attack on the Capitol in January and the Black Lives Matter protests in Summer 2020, highlight the importance of discussions focusing on these topics.  The 2021 conference will explore 1. ) how identities have been imposed on individuals and groups throughout history 2.) how these identity constructs helped to create and protect societal institutions of privilege and discrimination 3.) how individuals and groups have constructed their own identities 4.) and how infrastructures of uneven power dynamics based on these identities have been resisted.  

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Header Picture Credits (first then second row; left to right)

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8.) Daguerreotype portrait of an older New Orleans woman with her young enslaved servant woman in the mid 19th century New Orleans; 1850s; Burns Archive via Newsweek, 2.4.2011; public domain (United States)